What is Reiki Medic-Care

Reiki Medic-Care supports the wellbeing of hospital doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, midwives and ambulance paramedics.

We offer a self-referral, confidential and easy-to-use service providing distant Reiki treatments without cost.

Our teams of fully insured and certified Reiki practitioners deliver Reiki remotely to fit in with your busy schedules.

Our gift to you

  • Four x 20-minute distant Reiki treatments over consecutive days
  • You choose days and times while you are off duty
  • No referrals are required in order to access this free service
  • Once signed up, we’ll send guidance on how to make the most of your treatments
  • The treatment series can be repeated – just ask! 

Our practitioners are ready to help you seven days a week between 8 am – 11.30 pm, except on bank holidays and from 23rd December to 02 January inclusive.  We ask for a minimum of 72 hours notice.  Sometimes, subject to demand, there may be a waiting list for the service.

How Reiki Medic-Care works

Reiki is a therapy that can be delivered in person or remotely. As well as sending Reiki treatments to medical professionals, Reiki Medic-Care will also collect data for future research to prove the efficacy of distant Reiki. You can read more about this on our research page. You can also read more about Reiki here.

Current Project:

Showing gratitude for the dedication
of hospital medical staff and ambulance paramedics.

We know you’ve been risking your lives – and may still be on the Covid-19 frontlines. We believe that, as hard-pressed NHS staff you need all the help, support and encouragement you can get.

The Reiki community is very well placed to help relieve the high level of stress and anxiety associated with your work.

 Unlike most other therapies, at an advanced level we can do this from a distance.
All Reiki Medic-Care resources are now directed at helping frontline hospital medical staff, and ambulance paramedics in the UK.

How Reiki Medic-Care started

Reiki Medic-Care was originally inspired in the summer of 2019 by a conversation between a Reiki team and a matron at one of the UK’s busiest teaching hospitals and trauma centres. The matron wanted to find a way to give Reiki support to her nurses, recognising that finding the time for hands-on treatments was the greatest hurdle.

Other medical professionals requested such a service too, believing that Reiki can make a difference to their wellbeing and lower stress levels. (See some video testimonials here)

The Reiki Medic-Care practitioners

Our team of carefully selected Reiki Medic-Care practitioners in the UK are insured members of an accredited register or a Reiki Council member organisation, having signed codes of conduct and ethics. The Reiki Council is the lead body for Reiki in the UK.
You may read more about our practitioners here.

Medical professionals – please sign up for dedicated support here.

Donations welcome

Your donation will help us to treat more medical professionals by allowing us to further develop our automated online booking system.  It will also help us to improve our data gathering technology for vital research.



The Reiki Medic-Care free service is endorsed by the Reiki Council and its membership organisations. Treatments are offered at no charge as a ‘thank you’ from the Reiki community and members of the public who are contributing to the set up costs, website development and essential ongoing costs. 




‘The Tireless Nurse’ by kind permission of Manny D. Marques, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Relax, restore and rebalance with Reiki.


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