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The story

 Inspired by the passionate pleas for Reiki from medical professionals on the frontline and on social media platforms together with a pre-existing call from a senior nurse at a London teaching hospital, Reiki Medic-Care has been formed to enable experienced Reiki practitioners to send distant Reiki in a professional way to individual medics, nurses and paramedics.

We know that the Reiki community is helping in the current situation in many ways.  Now we are creating a system where each practitioner can work in a team of eight to send distant Reiki in response to individual requests from NHS doctors, nurses and ambulance paramedics at a time when they need help.

We believe that helping individuals on a one-to-one is the most effective way of distant Reiki treatment, helping to support their health and wellbeing and consequently their immune systems. We also believe that by taking part in this project Reiki practitioners can be enabled to help the NHS in a way that uses their skills and experience to the full.

Reiki Medic-Care will also give the professional Reiki practitioners the opportunity to create awareness for Reiki in medical settings like never before while also being able to gather data via the unique, bespoke and automated system, which ultimately will feed into research to establish the effectiveness of distant Reiki as a recognised complementary therapy.

Supporting Reiki organisations

Reiki Medic-Care launched with the support of The Center of Reiki Research, The Reiki Council and its member organisations. Our research partner for the project is Professor Ann Baldwin, Department of Physiology, University of Arizona.

How to join

We ask for a commitment to this project for at least a year and some notice if you can no longer participate. 

To join us, you will be a UK resident and be insured for public practice. You will have been using Reiki II to send distant Reiki for at least a year. You will also have learnt a traditional style of Usui Reiki and been taught in person to conform with National Occupational Standards and either be member of a Reiki Council member organisation or be CNHC registered for Reiki.

We look forward to making a difference to the lives and wellbeing of our medical professionals with the dedicated help of the UK’s Reiki Practitioners.

Important note

This information is aimed ONLY at practitioners visiting this link and is not to be shared on social media or elsewhere on the internet without permission.

Contact us here for more information. 


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Practitioner Registration

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We are not currently recruiting for new practitioners.  However, if you would like to use the contact form to send an expression of interest, we can keep you on a list to contact when we open registrations again.