Reiki Medic Care

Our practitioners (UK only)

Reiki Medic-Care services are currently only available in the UK.

All our Reiki practitioners are volunteers who are insured for public practice in the UK. They are members of Reiki Council professional organisations who have signed up to codes of conduct and practice. They may also be registrants of accredited registers, such as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

All Reiki Medic-Care practitioners will be using standard Usui Reiki during the 20-minute treatments. The distant Reiki treatments are designed to be delivered by a team of practitioners when you are off duty, at the times you have requested. An additional 5 minutes of treatment will be offered if you have reported a particular area where you have pain.

Reiki has been shown in peer reviewed journals to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep. Every session that is sent will focus on supporting common key areas of the body which are subject to everyday stress.

All treatments are free of charge. They come to you as a ‘thank you’ from the Reiki community and members of the public who have donated to the set up costs and development of this website.

Reiki Medic-Care International

Over time, it is planned that the Reiki Medic-Care service will extend to serve medical professionals in countries around the world through trusted overseas ambassadors.

If you are normally a British citizen working as a UK medical professional, but find yourself needing extra support while working overseas in difficult situations such as in refugee camps or conflict areas, please sign in here for our services as normal.


Practitioner Registration

Thank you for your interest in Reiki Medic-Care.
We are not currently recruiting for new practitioners.  However, if you would like to use the contact form to send an expression of interest, we can keep you on a list to contact when we open registrations again.